Boston Manor Station, Evening Commuters  2013 acrylic on board 50 x 70 cm


For a London based painter like me there are so many great viewpoints and locations that I can discover, it is not difficult to find the familiar and unfamiliar juxtaposed together, for example imposing Shard or Canary Wharf skyscrapers, visible from long distances across the capital, seen 'propped up' by unassuming residential streets and shops. I am especially drawn to the night time colours and ambience of the capital, from lit up Underground signs to reflections off parked vehicles and the glittering reflections of water at the River Thames.

I work predominantly outdoors but I also enjoy creating studio based work as it allows me to work more readily on a larger scale and experiment.


My ability to create art was first realised growing up in a large family in North London... I always felt the need to find my own space and drawing and painting developed naturally out of this.

I enjoyed going outdoors and often found solace painting in the local woods near Highgate and along an abandoned railway line at Crouch End. There was a sense of adventure and discovery but also a quiet unnerving feeling in seeking out such secluded places. I also took inspiration from other unlikely sources such as coach journeys out of London on the motorway (I vividly remember passing brightly lit retail parks and underground stations... subjects which continue to inspire me today).

It is this experience of everyday places - environments that are in a continual state of change and contingency - that I strive to represent in my landscape paintings. Backlands, abandoned tracks, local high streets, urban clearway, car parks and vehicles are all common motifs in my work and they all continue to evolve and be replaced over time. I am inspired by the French Impressionists (especially Monet and Sisley with their recording of contemporary life and changing light in localised places), 20th Century American painters Edward Hopper and Richard Diebenkorn and modern day suburban landscape artists such as Danny Markey.

The medium of choice for me is acrylics as they have a clean, modern quality that helps me to capture the brittle unnatural colour of artificial lights and  materials of contemporary settings. For night time painting I use a special light adjustable LED lamp attached to my easel, which shines a natural white light - very useful when painting orange lit streets!

Painting into the sun by the River Thames